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Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Few Drinks In....

It's funny, after a few drinks in, thoughts and words come streaming into my head and I love it! I haven't been feeling very creative in the linguistic department lately. However, after a few cocktails, the words seem to flow out of me like a waterfall on the brink of a flood. Anyway, I've been fantastic for quite sometime. Work is great and it sucks at the same time. Parents, kids, other staff never change and it's a constant balance between them. My love life, however, is unbelievable! I am so happy. So free. So unafraid of being myself. I'm ready for adventure and will be going on my first deer hunts in September with my dad and in Montana for a week with my boyfriend. I am so excited to go with my father on my first hunt AND I will be the first female to ever hunt at Buck Camp in September! Thanksgiving break I will be headed to Montana for a week with my boyfriend for Mule Deer. This is beyond exciting! I know it's going to be an epic adventure and I just cannot wait! I made chicken friend venison tonight and it was just incredible!!! Who knew that as a venison hating child, I'd love it today?